Who We Are

Total Custom Solutions

Total Custom Solutions is a true American story of ingenuity, ethics and adaptation to the changing markets and economic climates over the past decade. Total Custom Solutions started off as a buying group through our consulting firm and its 140 clients over 20 years ago. We started off coordinating and combining our individual buying power into one larger buying group allowing us to vastly improve our our cost of promotion and advertising costs.

As we morphed, evolved and grew we become a significant competitor in the printing industry even though we were in fact a broker for printing and not the actual owners of the printing presses. As many buyers saw brokers as higher priced and thus not highly desired sources for their solutions many quickly realized that our prices, quality control and service was quickly proving to be among the best in the industry. In 2006 we started to develop the beginnings of our intern training programs which eventually led to our online web design school, graphic design school and social marketing school where those interested in a future in these fields could honestly come to in order to learn and develop their trade in a real hands on environment. in 2009 we expanded into promotional products as a distributor and started to really focus on expanding our presence by developing the beginnings of a national sales force. Our management and ownership structure is way ahead of the curve and times. While most every group or team member are individual owned and controlled. We work as a very cohesive team as co managers of our customers overall projects. Using technology and VOIP to stay connected now for over a decade. Even though we are independant our team has frequent team meetings to discuss unique or new projects or special need situations. Giving us a think tank and brain trust to maximize performance. 2014 we made the reach across the big puddles and are now doing some direct imports from China and are planning in 2015 to become a wholesale supplier on over 3 million products and offer dealerships for those who want to start their own local print business without all the hassles and costs of franchising.