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Follow the Money! USA Businesses are rapidly moving huge portions of their advertising dollars away from BOTH Broadcast Television advertising AND Cable Television advertising budgets. 2011 businesses spent more money on on-line advertising than cable or broadcast TV. According to statistics, the average business in the United States spends $5,631.58 on on-line advertising. (Total Dollars spent on Internet Advertising/Total Number of USA Businesses). That doesn’t even count what they spend to build and maintain their websites.
Here is the catch! Paid for advertising is not nearly as effective as an effective FREE social Media Marketing campaign. More powerful than the $50 billion that is being spent this year on internet paid for advertising. Every business can have significant success if they use all of the tools at their disposal. Something big box cannot really accomplish.

There are five main ways a company can have success on the internet (paid & unpaid). Some are ways that we do not feel are sound, ethical or morally correct and we do not support those efforts. But we will mention them here to be complete in the listing.

1) Your Website (Includes Search Engine Marketing/Optimization)
2) Promotional Marketing (including email)
3) Social Media Marketing
4) Display Advertising (includes Paid for Banner Ads)
5) Mobile Advertising

Many companies now turn to professionals to assist or even totally manage their on line activities. These digital advertising agents/agencies can allow you to cross platform social media and assist in better marketing.

The facts are in and the resulting truth is impossible to debate. Websites that offer a significant quantity of genuine quality content and update and add to that content on a frequent and consistent basis while driving traffic to their sites via a solid social media strategy win exponentially. The more content, comments and activity a website receives the more excited the search engines get. The more a website is found to be mentioned in other sites the more the search engines get excited. The more fresh your content the more the search engines get excited and when search engines get excited they organically drive traffic to your site like moths to a bright light at night. Thus you make the search engines work for you in your favor.

Total Custom Solutions provides a multitude of website solutions in a variety of high value, affordable combinations. We also provide several other tools, services and solutions to assist you with all of your “Social Media Marketing and On-Line Advertising” needs. However, more importantly we are the source for training. Our sister business Small Biz Dezines trains and delivers some of the best talent in web design, graphic arts, social media marketing management and experts in sales and online solutions. Contact us or Click here for more information …………..