Website Evalution / Proposal

We believe this is a good area to get scammed about! Every third world person with a computer and every want to be website person is quick to offer up suggestions and ways your lousy website can look great and perform miracles with their help! I have never seen any product service or need in our decades in business where this was more true.

Website Design

Web Design Built for Your Business’s Success

Websites are no more critical and valuable to a business owner than any other single facet in there marketing. In many cases it even proves the decades old attitude that location, location and location is the key to your success. As more and more mom and pop retailers are joining the profitization of the real world wide web and as more and more shoppers are buying more and more items on line websites are the king pin now to every business’s success. Yours is no exception. There are no industries, no towns, no customer base that does not shop and rely on the internet.

When there were less than 1 million pages on the internet and e-commerce was just a fantasy. We built our first website selling and renting cars on line. Shortly afterwards we were selling fine art and signed and numbered prints in 14 countries. Then came health and nutrition products. Our company invested a million dollars in producing what could today be bought for $500 to sell health and beauty products on line. In the first year of the .com craze we were shipping meat from MN to Florida. We do not know of many other companies or teams that have been in the website design and development longer than us. We were one of the first to do free craft sharing of PDF files for the crochet and knitting world.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized for Search Engines

Then came the registries like yahoo and eventually the search engines with their probing web crawling robots like Google and the world of information exploded and we were there. There is not a year that goes by where someone hasn’t come up with the solutions to outsmart the search engines and drive your website to the top. Scams, tricks, gimmicks all to try and push lesser sites over the better sites to gain more hits. The truth was simple then build sites with great content and useful information and make it easy, fast and fun for them to explore your site and they will come and so will the search results. Today the facts are pretty much the same. It is all about having the best, freshest, most comprehensive original information on the web. That gets those silly little robots screaming for more oil and juices you to the top. It is real, it is the way the world wide web was meant to work and with smarter tools Google and others are making it harder and harder to trick the system and fake push you to the top of the first page. If you want to be number one in Google have the best site with the best content and you will be. Now truth is there are many things and many ways that you can improve your odds and no one knows those ways better than us. We are the ONLY website provider that runs 4 different certification schools. We develop some of the finest most effective web designers in the USA and we also develop some of the greatest artists into graphic designers that understand branding and brand development. In addition, we train some of the finest Social Media Marketing Management individuals in the game. So chances are they heard it here first and the others heard it from them.

Custom Websites

Finest, Most Effective Customized Web Designs

Don’t worry, we are not these full of ourselves, high priced self made gurus who charge through the nose. We are not proud we use every new piece of technology that comes onto the market place to make our work faster and easier. Not every website has to be built from scratch like our early ones. No longer do we have to lock code writers in little rooms and slip them food under the door like we once had to. Now we use every system, platform, tool, plug in, widget, gadget and gizmo available to us to make your websites fresh, fast, powerful and relatively cheap. Most of our plans have a low initial investment and a 1-3 year payment plan so you not only can afford the best you can keep making unlimited changes through the entire process keeping your site at the forefront of technology. It is kind of like buying a car with a low down and modest monthly payments and you can drive it with unlimited restrictions for a few years and the dealership does all of the maintenance, upgrades and repairs so when it is paid off you have a brand spanking perfect car that couldn’t be better. We even add all of the new bells and whistles so it stays brand new. I guess there are no cars that do that. But  THAT is who we area and what we do.

Of course we will gladly review your site and listen to what you want to accomplish, tell you what is really possible and even tell you how much work you will have to put into quality content stuff and then we will show you what you can do on your own, or recommend that your current web person does or yes we will also give you an honest quote with honest solutions that perfectly fit your needs and provides you with TOTAL CUSTOM SOLUTIONS!