Social Media Marketing

THANK GOD for Word of Mouth Advertising….

Social media has proven it is the absolute emperor of “Word of Mouth Advertising”. On-line word of mouth can topple governments in a few days. It can draw thousands to a single location in minutes and it absolutely controls what the world thinks about your company, your brand and your brands identity and voice. The power of comments, reviews and “likes” can swing popular opinion about your company in minutes or it can leave you hidden in darkness never to be considered. It is tens of thousands of times faster at getting the word out than hoping, praying and relying on the traditional old fashioned word of mouth, once reliable, method of getting new customers. You either take the lead and make the world understand who you are or those that don’t like you or compete against you will tell them or make them totally forget about you.

“Marketing your business, controlling your brands identity & drawing buyers into your business/website today is growing increasingly difficult.

•There are 200 million people on the U . S. “Do Not Call” list. (so calling them is very risky & has retched approval ratings.

•The average person is confronted with some sort of advertisement every 7 seconds. So something that does NOT actually catch their attention, or drives them to you or your site OR has high repetition is simply a waste of money.

•Over 86% of TV viewers admit to skipping commercials. Multiply that with over 300+ stations and little control over when your ads are aired you might as well try a megaphone from a small island in the Caribbean.

•Forty-four percent of direct marketing is never opened. With average costs in the door climbing over 75 cents each unreliable lists you need to really put the right combination of targeted marketing message with careful demographic controls to have a reasonable shot of a return.

•Roughly 99.9% of online banners are never clicked. Pay per click works but if your website is NOT going to grab them within a couple of seconds with a clear message and the right call to actions you’re tossing your money away.

•AN astounding 85% of all Buyers wait until they have completed 60-80% of their research before reaching out to vendors”. You had better be one of the ones they came to for the research or you are losing the lion’s share of the sales.

Like it or not, social marketing has become an integral part of our lives and continues to evolve. A few years ago everyone was talking about the importance of service businesses, retailers and B2B companies being active and creating pages on sites such as Facebook and Twitter– now the conversation has shifted and is moving towards the idea that every marketing campaign absolutely must be social and totally integrated. IF done correctly it will significantly enhance any and ALL of the above marketing methods.

The new theory is that social is more than just a channel or tactic; it is a strategy that should be present in every aspect of your marketing. And now that business owners finally understand the power of “social”, a comprehensive an intentional strategy is the only way to win in today’s marketplace. THAT IS NOT HYPE IT IS ABSOLUTE FACT.

As a small business marketer forced to compete with big box and the mega internet sites, you need to learn to leverage an array of social media – for building relationships, listening to the market, promoting content, and influencing buyers even before they’re identified as potential leads. You have to do more than social media; you have to do social marketing. This includes a range of mixed content and focused intentions like to entertain, engage with questions expecting a response, teaching how to do things, using Q & A forums and posting these things through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest and other social sites while constantly promoting value added services, products and ideas to stimulate sharing. In the end if you’re going to dominate the internet, or even compete at all effectively, you must be recognized as an authority on your area of business so you are the go to source for the research and you must be interactive, drawing your target audience into relationships.

Helping you put the right strategy together, teach you how, when and what to engage is what we do best. If you don’t have the time… then, we can work out solutions to assist you on these objectives. As one of the foremost founders of marketing on the internet for over 22 years Total Custom Solutions, instructors at its sister school Small Biz Dezines and the members of their Board of Directors have more experience, training and skills than virtually any company in existence today. FACT: our team members were helping clients sell products, goods and services in 14 countries before the first real web browser “Navigator”: even existed.

Not only does our social media marketing school graduate some of the finest Social Media Marketing Managers & Consultants every year. We spend countless hours staying ahead of the trends and converting new technologies into highly productive and profitable strategies for the small business clients we serve. So if you’re a student looking to get a great education in this vibrant future or if you’re a business owner or manager that needs and wants to control the destiny of your brand then we can and will help, guide and train you to the success that you seek through the four most powerful marketing methods out there which is social marketing domination, on-line website and ecommerce mastery, guerilla style direct marketing solutions, and the use of direct mail and promotional products as an all-inclusive strategy to enhance sales, get your brands voice clearly heard, and to stay in the forefront as the go to authority in your industry.

In today’s marketplace you either rise to the surface as a trusted and respected supplier of goods, products and services or simply drown in the sea of overwhelming competition, advertising and on-line data. Making the concept of “sink or swim” a powerful reality. Total Custom Solutions can get you and your brand into the boat and get you moving to the success you seek.