Social Marketing & Media

Small Biz Dezines Online School offers three different programs. One of the three is a social media marketing and management program that trains individuals to use social media tools and advertising to promote and drive traffic to businesses.


One of the things we teach our social media interns is a concept that Small Biz Dezines and Total Custom Solutions coins as the Cloud Marketing Approach and helps the business owners that work with us become a “TRUE” Social Media & Advertising Guerilla Marketing Entrepreneur. Everyone knows that clouds make rain and when it rains it can pour. Most business professionals are also quickly grasping the usefulness and advantage of “Cloud Storage” of your important business documents, media and internal communication tools. Business owners are taught Total Custom Solutions Unique 1 of a kind approach to work with their experts to build a cloud of advertising, marketing and social media materials and tools that are 100% custom and unique to your brand that is diverse and almost instantly effective to build and drive their brand to success. Once all aspects of your Guerilla Marketing Cloud are ready for action then all they literally need to do is shake their cloud a little and it will start to rain down and drive individuals, people, traffic into their website and business and when it rains it will pour and they will have customers, sales and cash pouring into your business. TCS’s Cloud Marketing Approach is the ONLY absolute and successful way to guarantee that their “BRAND” is the next big thing. Everything that Total Custom Solutions & its sister school do is 100% committed and directed at this 1 simple objective. We work with our clients, teaching them about Cloud Marketing Approach, Walk with them through the steps to build their totally custom, uniquely branded CMA Cloud of fully pre-prepared tools and then help control the roll out and growth.

NO Business deserves to fail. Each brand deserves life just as a fetus does. But each baby brand must grow and find its identity and explore what makes it unique and then it needs a voice and a way to be heard and that voice is Social Media, Marketing and Advertising as well as 1 on 1 direct contact with their Loyal Customers, Friends and Fans, those who are your followers, and those who hear about their business. Word of Mouth advertising just grew up and it is a powerful and immense tool and that tool is Social Media Marketing with a fully integrated Guerilla Marketing Approach (CMA) that encompasses ALL of the tools of Social Media, On-line website and advertising as well as every form of traditional brand marketing including the use of printed materials, literature, business cards and promotional products. Just like a well-balanced investment portfolio the CMA Cloud is a well-balanced tool that is 100% pre-prepped and ready for you to build your brand and make it rain and pour in success.

Small Biz Dezines is dedicated on developing the 1st generation of a totally cloud marketing approach experts who fully embrace and exude this fool proof system to success and are prepared to work as managing consultant and perhaps even staff of forward thinking brands that are going to be the “Next Big Thing”. Our school is elite, exclusive and only allows a very limited number of students into it. The very finest are offered positions internally in our benefactors company Total Custom Solutions and get a chance to work intimately with the founding family who after 2 generations since WW2 are still the foremost experts and creators of Cloud Marketing and the values of this Approach. All students will be allowed to be permitted through the schools intern program to put what they learn into real practical experience working with clients of TCS.

Guerilla Marketing and Advertising we have implemented into our Cloud Approach.

1. At the turn of this millennium and the fierce competitive and wildly successful economies of the world turned to Jay Conrad Levinson’s ideas of Guerilla Advertising (innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product) to a new height to a full onslaught of Guerilla Marketing. Using aggressive hand delivered printed material and promotional products and building brand recognition and loyalty in order to capture and keep the attention and loyalties of a large consumer base.

2.Then, in the middle of that decade the world’s economy all but collapsed and for all practical purposes went into a global recession that behaved more like a full blown depression. Business had to become innovative to survive. Massive amounts of companies went under and only those who held dearly to Guerilla Advertising & Marketing Survived. As 2010 rolled around and we are getting well into the second decade of this wild and evolving market place the internet marketing, on-line sales and social media are quickly and forever changing the landscape of how and who will survive and even better thrive.

The Brands that will evolve and dominate this new horizon of unparalleled economic growth will be those with a powerful and dominant this Cloud Marketing Approach to success and who embrace both the wise and powerful tools of Guerrilla Advertising, Guerrilla Marketing, use of a blend of printed materials and promotional products fully embraced with a strong Social Media presence to solidify its brand’s identity, voice, authority and loyalties of a growing clientele.

So ask yourself this Do you want to help companies to be the next “Big Thing” out there.? Do you really want to help them be a success? OR even better — want the skills to be able to command and guide the success of a “Brand”?

Do you want to learn what we teach our clients and that is to Do what makes you money NOT what keeps you busy!

Our Business Owners are taught the following — Get a strong number two to manage your day to day business activities. A spouse, A child, An old friend OR if you can afford it. Hire someone a bit OCD, anal, a bit meticulous and loyal to your instructions. OR hire a Certified Trained expert who…

Our Future Small Biz Management Experts are taught to remove their excuses, get rid of their comfort zones, and prepare to study, learn and embrace the following to a point it becomes not only part of them but keep their total focus on work and business success model exudes the following principals.

Contact us today if you want to apply for our very popular exciting Social Media Management Intern Program.