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So Watchful and Trustworthy we call this preset bundle the Guardian
The Guardian SEO Services preset bundled website has a one time investment value of $3667. We never charge interest. This bundle qualifies for an initial investment of $449 with an ongoing monthly investment of $269(minimum 12 months). This bundle does require online storage and domain hosting of $75 per year(paid once each year).  Want something more custom? CLICK HERE

On sale now!  Only $249 down and $150 per month(min 24 months)

This package includes the following specifics:

Improving the visibility of your website in search engines in a “natural” — without paying for it —method is referred to as “organic optimization” or SEO.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of “target paid ads or listings” or “paid-for advertising”. Website owners really should consider using both methods. This is because frequency of visits, regardless of how it happens, improves your placement in the search engines organically. This doubles the “bang for your buck”. The more people visit your site and the longer they stay, the better your placement becomes organically.

Good search engine optimization needs to consider different kinds of search engines and the wide variety of words, terms and restrictions that the person browsing might attempt. These include image search, local geographic searches, videos, forums and various other types of media searches, as well as industry-specific vertical search engines. Optimizing for ALL of these methods give a website an exciting and effective web presence.

Search engines have become very secretive with the algorithms they use to prevent unfair advantages in placement.Sites that follow the following simple techniques have a much better chance of getting good placement in the search engines. No company can promise top or front page placement. However, the better you follow these suggestions, the more likely you are to place near the top.

Search Engine Placement and Ranking

It is no longer good enough to just use one or two of the following ideas if you want to find yourself consistently in the top of the lists. You have to use most, if not all of the following:

  • A high quantity of substantive content that is frequently updated is the most important of all. Blogging, forums, visitor comment and testimonial areas and private social networking platforms are without a doubt the strongest tools to add and enrich content while providing for constant changes and updates will keep your site fresh and exciting.
  • Determining the search terms or words that you want to use that best match the content on your site and using them in several ways including but not limited to:
  • Part of your actual domain name
  • Actual pages named with the “key” words.
  • Filling your site and individual pages with quality and useful content that frequently mentions and uses those “key” words.
    • Using “key” words in your new or enriched content.
    • Having images, videos and other media that focuses on the content that relates to the “key” words and having your content named, tagged and using alternate text that uses these key words.
    • Having a web site developer that knows how to optimize your entire website. This includes each and every page, all images and media, as well as the code in the background to your website without using methods that can get your site removed from the search engines.
    • Consider adding content that encourages visitors to stick around. Quality content, audio and video feeds, blogs, forums, private social networks, games, and other things that the visitor might enjoy are all very good tools to keep visitors in your site and improve your placement in the search engines.
    • Cross linking through third party tools such as Facebook, fan pages, Twitter, map tools and related searches, RSS feeds and other similar tools and sites that share and disseminate information are also powerful ways to increase the visibility and placement of your site.
There are many coding techniques that we can provide that will enhance the placement in the search engines.
In short, the more you focus your site on the search terms or “key words” that you want to be associated with, the better and more varied the content, the better that you keep it fresh and stocked full of highly useful and desirable content, the more highly you will rank and the better your site will place in the search engines. If we are to help you build a site that really gets results, we need to make sure that we do ALL or as many of these things as possible in ethical ways that visitors enjoy. That is why early careful selection of the right list of “key words” and “tags” that best describe your content as well as the “target audience” on which you are focusing is the only way to make a great web site.
When you purchase our SEO services you will receive a set of meta keywords, a comprehensive meta description, robot txt code, a sitemap, individual images, Pages, Products if you have a shopping cart within your website. Contact one of our customer service agents today or send us an email below.

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