Schools & Education

Total Custom Solutions sister company Small Biz Dezines has been proudly raising and training top notch web designers, graphic designers, and social media marketing managers since 2011. Individuals who are serious about developing and learning their craft enter into a work at your own pace(minimum 15-20 hours per week).

Schools And Education
Each one of the three certification training courses break into four quarters. Each quarter takes the average student an average of five to twenty weeks to complete. Each quarter semester is only $500. However, a ten hour per week work study program will not only totally mitigate the entire cost but also act and qualify as on the job training. At the end of the fourth quarter students are expected to enter a full time intern program which will last a minimum of 90 days. Once students are able to prove that they can handle a full time, full pace, work load with nominal supervision they advance to an unpaid intern to a partial paid intern. Partial paid interns earn an average of $10 per hour based on average project quotas. During the completion process of the paid and unpaid intern program all graduating students with a 3.0 or higher will be given their own custom website which they will be allowed to link and show off all of the projects that they worked on during their entire course training. The website is the final step to receiving their graduation certificate.

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