Sales & Marketing

The most recent addition to Small Biz Dezines School happens to be Sales & Marketing. The founders of Small Biz Dezines spent over 30 years of our history emphasizing, educating & training over 40,000 sales people through their consulting services and elected to NOT include that training as part of the school since it was such a lucrative and pivotal point of the consulting services.

Recently, the founders chose to retire the consulting business after 2 generations. Not for lack of customers but the founders wanted to semi-retire.

As of mid 2015 Small Biz Dezines has entered into agreements with these highly skilled experts to provide a specialized training program sharing the same skills, techniques, and systems.

Students will be trained on a series of topics including a proper understanding of what Sales & Marketing really are, industry terminologies, ethics, responsibilities to clients, Types of initial contact techniques, building relationships that last, developing a solid base of clients for both 1 call & residual sales types businesses. They will be taught Business to Business techniques as well as direct to consumer techniques, they will be trained on how to guide the prospect to a yes decision, several closing techniques and rebuttal techniques & will get the chance to practice these techniques as an intern for Total Custom Solutions.

If they complete the training they will receive certification, a transcript of grades and they will also get a letter of introduction from their instructor and a letter of recommendation from Total Custom Solutions. The student with the highest grades will likely be offered a job with Total Custom Solutions. The others will be helped with their resume and job placement.