Return Policies/Complaints

Total Custom Solutions, a Florida company is proud of the work we do and/or the work that we have done by any one of a number of contracted partner/providers. While the vast majority of our experiences have proven that we provide great quality products and services, it is possible that not all customers will be fully satisfied with a product or service that they received.

There are three types of situations where a product or service return/cancellation might be warranted. The first is product that is provided or produced that does not meet the customers expectations. It is imperative that we know that the product somehow does not meet what you expected upon receipt of the merchandise (within 24 hours and prior to use, distribution or sales of said items). Items that are hand delivered by our company and the customer has the opportunity to inspect and accepts merchandise do not meet this return policy. In the event that we are notified in a timely matter as to the dissatisfaction of a printed product customer may need to provide up to a dozen samples showing what is wrong with the product as ordered and approved to print. If the company finds that in fact an error was made the company will replace said merchandise at its expense. Refunds on custom made items are not allowed.

Secondly, In the event that the product is received and later found to be defective by the customer within 30 days of purchase (or longer if a specific additional warranty is provided in writing at time of order) the company reserves the right to have an outside third party inspect the type of defect if any and determine the extent of the issue. Customer may need to return the merchandise or several samples of the merchandise and allow the company ample time to work with our suppliers and partner providers to resolve the matter with non defective merchandise at the sole cost of the company. If the merchandise is evaluated by the company and a third party and is deemed non defective then the costs of this inspection is the sole cost of the customers.

Otherwise all sales are final and refunds are only ever given if the company is not able to correct a situation and replace said products. Parties agree that further resolutions for products, good or services shall be resolved by filing for a court appointed mediation in the state of Florida in the county of Hendry. All decisions of the mediator are final.

Lastly, In the event that the complaint is related to a website purchase or another type of digital service then all policies and procedures associated to that exact service must be followed. On-line services are a collaboration of effort with the company providing technical services and the customer supplying the content which includes yet is not limited to text, images and graphic/branding content. In the end the aesthetic look of a website or its result are a direct result of the content provided by the customer and is in no way the fault or result of the company or its technical skills.

In ALL THREE types of complaints parties agree that the company is only liable for the merchandise that was paid for and is not ever responsible for any loss of revenue or perceived loss of revenue. Any judgements against the company shall be limited to no more than was actually paid by the customer of so ordered in a court ordered mediation.