Promotional Products Division

Promotional Products represent the second largest growth segment in advertising and marketing. Second ONLY to on-line website advertising and marketing Florida represents 8% of the entire USA market.  Total Custom Solutions has best line pricing with over 2,800 USA & Canadian manufacturers & suppliers of Promotional Products. Our website has over 3 million products on it at any given time. It is data based managed and controlled and tied to all of our USA warehouses and is constantly keeping availability, inventories and prices adjusted daily on all of the products. No other promotional product wholesaler/retailer has more items or better inventory management than Total Custom Solutions. In addition we are also an importer and work with over 200 foreign manufacturers in Asia mostly to produce high quality 1 of a kind custom goods. Our customer service teams supported by our local business liaisons and custom quote specialists will be glad to help you navigate this plethora of products to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. You never have to worry about pressure to buy. ALL quotes and even most layout and design services are without cost or obligation to buy. We want you to load up on quotes and finished graphics so when you are ready so are we. Never a rush – Never any pressure

Why Use Promotional Products?


Statistical Value of using Promotional Products

Any modified or embellished product, good or service that motivates someone to take action and do business with a given company is technically classified as a promotional product. That includes your Under Armor tag or your Nike shoes with its branded swish. The desire for branded apparel has become a pride and status symbol over the past several decades and is no longer considered anything less.

Independent Statistics show a absolute need to include promotional products as a significant portion of your advertising, marketing and brand recognition strategy.

83% of consumers like receiving promotional products with an advertising message. At any given moment 90.4% of the entire USA populations has 1 or more promotional products in or near them at any moment.

89% of them can remember the name of the advertiser without looking and 85% eventually do business with that company. More than 58% hold onto the promotional product for 1-4+ years. Each and every week 53% use their on average 1-10 promotional products.

Promotional products enhance the effectiveness of ALL other forms of advertising results and media by 44% AND result in a 500% increase in referrals!

Amazingly 36% of all individuals receiving a promotional product with a perceived value of $5 or more feel receptive to supporting the company.

ONLY Promotional Product use and Website Creations have experienced significant growth over the past 10 years. ALL other forms of advertising and marketing have experienced sharp and/or sporadic drops in usefulness.

Combined with Guerilla Marketing techniques the use of these two marketing tools has unparalleled success in the growth and prosperity of your business. A statement no other form of advertising can declare. NONE.

TOP 10 Successful Promotional Products

These are the top 10 items where business report a significant improvement in sales based on the promotional products given away or sold… This is reportedly a bit different from what is most popular to purchase/receive. Two different stats.


Logo exposure is extremely high, as people wear promotional apparel at work, to the gym, and everywhere on the weekends.


Promotional bags are welcomed by recipients because they are useful products. The most popular types include promotional tote bags, promotional drawstring backpacks, and promotional computer bags.


At some point or another, people are going to need a pen, so why not give them one with your logo?


Exhibitors know that promotional desk accessories, like paper clip dispensers, post-it notes, and even stress balls will be used by recipients and their brand will be seen by anyone who passes by their desk.


Travel mugs, water bottles and tumblers are always effective giveaways.


Along with a writing instrument, people are always looking for something to keep their notes in and be organized. A great way to keep your name in front of them every single day.


Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (the most popular being business card magnets or calendars), promotional magnets clearly display contact information, and since they are typically displayed on a file refrigerator or file cabinet it’s always in plain view.


USB flash drives, mouse pads, iPad and cell phone holders are highly in demand as items that will be used and appreciated.


Golf Balls, Tees, foam balls, Stadium cushions, Blankets and Frisbees all are popular items that will be used over and over again!


Ice scrapers come in handy during the cold winter months, and everyone can appreciate receiving a promotional auto safety kit, flashlight or toolkit.

Next is the list of top 10 most popular promotional products based on volume sold and reportedly given away or received by people. Research done by asking a large pool of individuals what they received as a form of promotional products in the past year. Here are their responses.

Writing Instruments 50%

Shirts 44%

Bags 31%

Calendars 22%

Desk /Office Accessories 22%

Caps / Headwear 19%

Drinkware 21%

USB Drives / Flash Drives 11%

Health & Safety Products 9%

Outerwear 10%

According to reports for the major promotional products industries the above statistics show a tendency to remember receiving gifts with a perceived value over $5. Actual sales to business confirm this. Showing that promotional products with a lessor perceived value are not as easily remembered than those items where the perceived value was higher.

Actual Sales % of the multi-billion (est.40+) dollar USA sales industry (tracked sales over 21.5 billion)

% of actual item categories purchased

Wearables – 29.64%

Writing Instruments – 9.04%

Calendars – 8.37%

Bags – 7.17%

Drinkware – 7%

Desk Accessories 6%

Computer Accessories 3.76%

Electronics – 3.32%

Recognition / Awards 3.21%

Housewares 2.7%

Sporting Goods 2.59%

Magnets 2.55%



Conclusion if you are going to invest in your business and do some form of marketing or advertising do so in the following order.

1) If walk in traffic is important get your signage, flags, banners and outdoor call to actions under control 1st. We can help with ideas and solutions if you ask. Even if local city or county code enforcement reg’s are holding you down.

2) By a narrow margin get your website/social marketing effective and helping bring you customers. We can help with ideas and solutions if you ask.

3) Right behind a website is the need to use guerilla marketing along with promotional products. We can help with ideas and solutions if you ask.

4) Consider on-line marketing, advertising etc. We can help with ideas and solutions if you ask.

5) IF you have any advertising and marketing budget left – consider in this order – Event Participation, Cable TV commercials, Local Networking Groups, Coupon Marketing methods. LAST on the list Radio, then bill boards then newspapers

6) Supporting 1-3 local charities, sport or youth activities etc. show your giving back.

7) Consider a loyalty reward program of some sort or a referral incentive program as word of mouth is and always will be your best friend which is why websites and promotional products are so effective they are very useful for your customers to refer new customers to you. Nothing is more powerful that referrals that have a website and promotional product incentives to drive it. The final touch on word of mouth then is the reward systems you put into place.