Vinyl Banners

 Vinyl Banners 13 oz Scrim


Vinyl Banners 13 oz Scrim

We use a premium heavy weight 13 oz. scrim vinyl banner. It has a very smooth surface for best printing results. This material is typically used for billboards, building wraps, banners, event flags, trade show signage, parades, etc. Can be printed 2 sides.


Maximum Size: 120″ High X 145′ Wide as one piece. However, we can hem banners together for a bigger size banner.

Resolution: Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution

Usage: Indoor or Outdoor; Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years

Double Sided: Our double sided banner features two banners sewn together

Material Options:

13 oz. Gloss Vinyl Banner
13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner


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Outdoor Advertising and Signage use a huge variety of products and materials to make them. Glass, Metals, Acrylics, polycarbonates and a whole host of vinyl’s… most of which you likely understand. However, see through plastics are confusing so here is some info on them… Sheet grade polycarbonate (aka Lexan or Makrolon) and acrylic sheet (aka Lucite) are two of the most frequently used see-through plastics. Each of the two have benefits and drawbacks. Acrylic is shinier and polycarb is stronger. Acrylic is less expensive but easier to crack. Polycarb is more impact resistant but easier to scratch. They are both stronger and lighter than un-tempered glass; acrylic is 4x to 8x stronger than glass, while polycarb is about 200x stronger.

The type of vinyl substrate that you order, as well as the options requested and the quality resolution that each order requires or needs will determine where your printing is done. Some equipment is highly specialized and very expensive (hundreds of thousands of dollars or more). Due to complexity other print orders may require highly trained and experienced print staff. Those items will be shipped out to our regional production facilities across the USA — most likely Miami, Dallas, Minneapolis, Sparks NV, and LA CA. However, many projects might, can or will be done locally at our smaller facilities around the USA. We do not limit ourselves there. We also have dozens of other printing equipment that can produce every form/style and quality finished printed vinyl stock items in the world. So no matter what your need we can produce it faster, and better and cheaper than anyone else. That is a fact – not just a boast or claim. Each project is carefully processed to maximize your needs. So if you’re looking for Vinyl Wraps for your vehicles, Banners or trade show displays, Or any number of adhesive or no-adhesive vinyl solutions… we have you covered. (Literally thousands of options).

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​We literally print everything on just about anything. So we do stock most every quality material, paper, card stock and substrate available in the USA. However, our lowest cost products are the nse we show here. However, remember, with over 3 millions products we can match your exact specs and needs through our custom quote teams. While most other print shops print at 72 – 150 dpi — we choose to try and print everything at 350-700dpi on the very best material and stock available in the USA. Full color offset printing at photographic quality output with unlimited colors, many finishes, coatings and laminates on hundreds of different types of substrates
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Understanding Vinyl Type Substrates
​There are as many types of vinyls as there are ideas. However, there are several industry standards and typical commonly accepted types.

Types of Vinyl Card stocks are commonly divided into categories such as Weight, thickness, opacity, Smoothness, flexibility, tensile strength, UV & heat resistance, and over all durability. Then they are modified with additional materials, textures, adhesives, finishes, coatings, laminates and colors, then, finally they are treated with various effects like reflective coatings and writable surfaces. The final outcome is virtually endless.

We pride ourselves in having direct and indirect relationships with every major material, adhesive and vinyl manufacturer and most of the renowned specialty suppliers in the USA allowing us to access just about anything you might want from cheap low cost vinyl films to the toughest banner substrates currently in use in the industry. However, nothing beats buying power and we produce these products by the tons. Due to the amazing quantities of a few of these high end premium stocks we can actually sell most of them for less than our competitors can sell the cheap stuff for.

Vinyl Trends often change based on many factors… technology, economy and equipment being the usual driving factors. With our current digital age, the vast majority of all printing is image based and sub straight materials that provide the best images are the most sought after. Of course cool and unique are very nice but usually come with a much added price tag too. So, current trends lead to using our top selling vinyl and banner stocks.

Understanding Vinyl & Ink Opacity
Opacity determines the amount of light that shows through a material OR in the case of layered materials the amount that the layer below shows through to the layer above. Some vinyl’s are 100% Opaque and will not allow light to pass through — making them a poor choice for back lit signs. While others, are less opaque, and allow light to pass through the vinyl material. Inks can also affect opacity… Full color digital printing tends to print in small minute dots and allow light to pass through more easily than a silk screen process that uses a much thicker layer of ink. So if you want light or the background color to show through use digital printing on a semi-opaque or clear vinyl. If you want it 100% Opaque and absolutely no light or background layers show through use a fully opaque vinyl OR consider using a blackout vinyl that has a layer of black vinyl pressed in between the layers so zero light can get through. Bumper stickers are best printed on white stock if using full color digital for rich vibrant colors OR if you want a clear bumper sticker… then, best to use a silk screen print that does NOT allow the vehicles paint color to show through the design…
Types of Coatings

​Gloss UV coating is a liquid or film that is applied to the surface of either blank paper or can be applied after printing or even both. Gloss coating adds a smooth even hard nonabsorbent surface to the paper or card stock allowing for extreme detail and clarity to the finished process. It is perfect for photographs or art work where detail images and rich colors are desired.

Matte UV coating is similar to gloss but is designed to not have a shiny finish. Image quality is still very good and makes the print more readable. Best for text, maps or can be chosen as a style preference.

Spot UV coating is adding the gloss coating in specific areas or shapes and applied more link an ink over a matte surface giving areas or designs a very classy and elegant look which actually becomes and enhances the graphic design.

Types of Lamination

​Gloss OPP (oriented polypropylene) lamination provides a wide range of uses across the whole spectrum of printed products. The properties of good gloss and strength and the advantages of low cost make it suitable for all the following applications:Company report and accounts, Brochures, Catalogues, Carrier bags, Greeting cards, Book jacket covers, Magazines, Maps, Labels, Point-of-sale and Displays.

Matt OPP – This Matt finish coupled with its smooth texture offers a very high quality image to brochures and book covers. Matt finishes are also particularly suited to surfaces which need to be easily read such as wall maps, but can be prone to scuffing and should be handled with care.

Silk Lamination – This polypropylene film appears midway between gloss and matt OPP film lamination and imparts a smooth natural finish to brochures and book covers, giving excellent clarity to the underlying print. Like matt opp the surface can be prone to surface scuffing and should be handled with care.

Banner Material Basics
Scrim Banner material is made by taking two layers of vinyl are laminated together around the scrim fiberglass mesh. Looks like a fishing net with a tight weave for strength and durability. Often a black layer is added in between to make block-out material.

Many indoor banners are simply sheets of raw vinyl material imprinted and cannot withstand wind and weight. However, indoor vinyl is a bit smoother and can produce a bit better looking image.

We do make banners on polyester fabrics as well and produce amazing products. Contact our customer service team for details.

Other Printable Substrates
​We are now able to print on a wide range of other materials (sub-straights) such as vinyl’s, plastics, wood, metal, glass, fabrics and synthetics of all types. It is also possible to laminate a wide range of combinations of products and colors to create very custom print products. You are only limited by your imagination and budget. Total Custom Solutions is here to help make your ideas a reality. Let us help expand your imagination to bring your brand to a new level.
Adhesive basics
There are as many different types of adhesives used on vinyl materials as there are the types of vinyls. A simple thing to keep in mind are that some yellow in the sun or degrade in the sun while others are designed to never come off and yet others are low to medium tack and are designed to be removed. Some adhesives stay flexible while others get very hard and rigid. Choosing the right material is often based on choosing the type of adhesive. If in doubt, call or chat with our customer service experts. You can also ask for a custom quote and include how you intend to use your material.


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