Our Departments

With over 3 million products, 2,800+ Manufacturers, 38 warehouses of clothing, and print equipment in over 20 states it can be a bit overwhelming finding exactly what you need. Not to mention a bit of a chore for our order processing department. So Total Custom Solutions has evolved its corporate structure and model to support its large client base navigate to the exact products, goods, and services that they want and need.

Executive Management – Total Custom Solutions is headed by a Board of Directors and Advisors who are top in their field to oversee all aspects of our operations. Our Executive Management Team /Partners work hard to keep a close personal relationship with every one of our clients. Each City is personally attended to by members of every department as well as hands on supervision and support by one specific member of our Executive Management Team. We function in small group cells similar to how small group manufacturing cells do in a JIT atmosphere. Giving all of our customers a feeling and security that they are able to deal directly with top level management and ownership. While in the background ALL execs and management work closely with the partners / board. It is a very intimate structure and allows for excellent supervision and fast decisions to maximize our client first satisfaction policies.

Technology – In 2007 we made a bold decision to limit brick and mortar to production connected elements and to go virtual allowing all other departments to work from home. Through the advancements in technology we have seen a vast improvement in communications as well as Employee Job Satisfaction. Our level of Customer Service and Client Satisfaction almost doubled overnight. Our cutting edge team of geek superstars is at the core of everything we do and we are exceptionally proud that our technology has allowed us to hold down prices, provide a better work experience and a much higher level of customer support while providing better products and services for the lowest prices on the market.

Website & Graphic Designers – At the core of everything Total Custom Solutions does is the desire to minimize work, stress and delays for our clients. So many print companies force the customer to provide press ready artwork or make them use very limited design tools. Fun as they are they take time and never deliver what a team of professional artists and designers can deliver. This is why TCS has made the decision years ago to invest in founding and supporting Small Biz Dezines, a school dedicated to developing top level Website Designers and Engineers as well as professional, talented graphic artists who are extremely brand identity focused. As the primary benefactor for SBD Total Custom Solutions and our customers get to benefit from the pool of talent and is why we can offer amazing value added services at such great discounted prices. The students get hands on experience with some of the finest teachers guiding their every effort and our customers get low cost professional products and services. As the students advance ONLY the top rated students from each class are given a position as a paid intern inside TCS. Then only the best of those are given permanent staff positions in these departments. Thus, insuring that these departments are at the cutting edge of technology with the best trained talent.

Sales Department – The founders of Total Custom Solutions were sales and marketing consultants for 2 generations and hold a firm belief that Sales is the art of providing a service NOT the art of persuasion and high pressure sales pitches with slick silver tongued “pros”. For this reason, we have a very unique and effective method of developing relationships with business owners and allowing that relationship to evolve naturally as any good relationship between people does and should. This is achieved through the following marketing principles and team members:

Business Relations Liaison – These are individuals whom we hire in local communities who pop in and visit with local small business owners and drop off a little information about our company and simply ask for permission to follow up with an email sharing details on our top selling products. In a follow-up a few weeks later they are trained to see that they got the email and if there is anything that they might be interested in over the next several months to a year that we can provide specific information on. Once this step is done, NO other sales efforts will be made except to occasionally say “Hi”, if the business owner shows no interest then we absolutely respect that and do not ever push.

Local Quote Specialists – Each community is assigned 1 or 2 local quote specialists who do not pursue sales and ONLY follow up on those who would like more specific information on items that they might be interested in long term. These quote specialists see to it that each business owner gets detailed information on the exact products and services that they are interested in. They are NOT sales people and the most they would offer to do is to suggest that we perhaps begin designing some art work for any items that they are serious about. This of course is done without any cost or even obligation to ever buy.

IF EITHER, the Business Relations Liaison or the Local Quote Specialists are told that a business owner wants to buy an item they will immediately refer the information to our Quote and Order Departments.
Customer Service Department – We provide Live in-bound Customer Service through three (3) systems.
Inbound Telephone Support – From 8am East Coast USA time through 6pm West Coast USA time Customer Service staff are available by telephone to assist our individuals research and potentially select specific options. These well-educated and trained staff will promptly provide individuals with verbal, faxed and/or emailed solutions.
Email Support – Individuals are encouraged to feel free to contact our Customer Service Team with any question, research topic or need that they have and we will quickly research the best solution and get that information back to you. You do NOT have to be an existing account to email us AND you do NOT have to have a formal order in place to interact with our Customer Service team members. We respect the need for business owners to first research options and ideas that they may or may not ever purchase. We not only accept that fact we embrace it all the way to the point of even providing totally free layout and design services without ever asking for a commitment. Email support facilitates this extremely effectively.
Live Chat – We provide individuals with the opportunity to interact in real time with our CS team via live chat through our website. This is a great place to get real answers quickly. The individuals are able to provide any and all total support via our on-line live chat sessions and will not ever tell you that you have to contact us in another way.

NOTE: Not only can you access our Customer Service teams via these methods you can also connect with department’s heads in every department the same way. Ensuring a seamless and easy process for you to get the information and support you need quickly and completely.

Quote Department – Our Custom Quote department are the ones who interact with individuals from the background and are the most knowledgeable about all 3 million offerings in our company. Regardless of the product, service or idea that you may have these people get it done and get it right quickly. With relationships with 2,800 domestic Manufacturers and Warehouses of raw unbranded products goods and services and as well as our in house and contracted print and embellishment production teams along with now over 200 foreign manufacturers that we have established careful relationships with… our Quote department, can quickly find you the exact custom solution for your every need and will email the details to you promptly without ever a fear of a pushy salesman contacting you to force the sale.

Order Processing Department – These individuals are the fine detail members of our team who carefully inspect every order, ensure that the graphics are correct and work with our production supervisors in order to make sure that the product being purchased is delivered exactly as you expected. On those 1 in 200 orders where something was less than perfect and we made some error we these team members go into super drive to rectify the situation and see to it that we correct it and deliver exactly what you ordered, approved and expected. In the event that you erred and contact us quickly and you find that what you ordered does not suit your real needs we have a policy to help you do more research and help you find what it was that you really should have gotten in the first place and we agree to sell that to you at our raw cost of production which is usually 40% off retail with no questions or approvals needed.

Production & Shipping Department – These supervisors work closely with all of our production facilities and teams to ensure that your product comes out perfectly every time and is delivered exactly when and where it should be. They are diligent about emailing updates and delivery timetables and are the first to notify everyone if an issue surfaces in production. Whenever possible your shipments will be delivered to you by one of our staff. Quite often it will either be your local Quote Specialist or your Local Business Relations Liaison. Otherwise, most other deliveries will be made via FedEx, UPS or USPS as previously agreed. We prefer to hand deliver whenever possible in order to ensure the finest in customer satisfaction.