On-line School & Intern Program

The executives at Total Custom Solutions as well as a couple of the board members were involved with digital or computer generated graphic arts long before there were hard drives and everything was done on tape backups or 5 1/4” Floppies. As innovators, explorers and forerunners in the art of digital graphics it is no surprise that we are also advocates, teachers and mentors to those who are just getting started in this ever growing and more complex industry.

Forged out of necessity to bring higher quality print solutions to our customers and driven by creativity and curious excitement our team has mastered every new software tool starting with the earliest version of Microsoft Paint thru the entire suite of Adobe Creative Suites and many of the 3D, Cad and animation type software.

In 2008 we started to formally start an education foundation for the development of Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Social Media/Internet Marketing Managers. We are now the primary benefactors for Small Biz Dezines a think tank of highly trained professionals and expert designers who love to teach and train the new generation of artists the cutting edge of these technologies as well as pound in the concepts, importance and critical needs surrounding “Branded Identities” for businesses of all sizes.

It is the later, that makes what this school does so highly effective. Everyone with a stylus, pen or paintbrush calls themselves an artist. A few even have talent. But it is rare to see true talent that has learned how to harness that talent and balance with the tried and tested proven elements surrounding branding. A business without a sound branded identity is like a sail boat without a rudder. It will never get much accomplished except look and feel active and busy.

SBD emphasizes the necessity for branding and does NOT graduate its students until they have a firm grasp of it as well. Students are taught to collaborate with their instructors and are trained working on real projects with strict supervision and fierce competition on projects through Total Custom Solutions.

It is this collaboration that allows us to provide top notch masterful solutions for our customers while hardly charging for more than the base products. This is just one of the many reasons that Total Custom Solutions is the best at what we do. Innovation, Creativity and cutting edge forerunners in the industry while shaping and grooming each consecutive new generation.

Ever since our founding families started teaching, consulting and helping business owners succeed 2 generations ago, just as the Korean War was ending, we have been committed and dedicated to the success of our business partners, friends and customers. The school and intern program exemplifies that dedication to excellence and cutting edge success while showing creative solutions to provide the best for less.