Landing Pages

A landing page is page within your website that is used to capture a specific type of lead. You might create an social media ad, email campaign, or search engine campaign  that when clicked on by a user links them to a “Landing Page”. When they reach this page the user might receive a free item or  is prompted to sign up for a special product, newsletter, or frequent specials.

On this landing page you might display a image, video, sign up form, social media sharing of this page, reasons why they might be interested in the info on this page, etc.

An example of a landing page might be like this image below. Prices vary due to complexity and intricate design requirements from $199 and up with an additional $20 per month added to your existing website that we created.


If you would like for our website team to build you a landing page for your website then contact us at one of our offices.

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