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Brand Development
Brand development is one of the single most important aspects in establishing a proper relationship between a company and its target market of clients and customers that they serve in the economic community. People sometimes rush it and suffer for years because of it while others never get launched because they know that they never figured it out and yet others spend small fortunes and a vast amounts of their available resources hiring the very best pros New York has to offer. It is an art form and one of the most studied topics in graduate business schools. Interestingly enough there is also no shortage of opinions. It seems like everyone has an opinion of what your brand should be or do or look like or say. They are in many ways a lot like belly buttons. Everyone has one. If you get close enough you will also see that most of them stink too!…

Our approach to brand development is pretty simple,  let’s hear your vision, let’s hear your goals, dreams and aspirations for your company. Filter through to the ones that have real meaning for you and are not just cool or nice ideas. Then we work on identifying your target market. Who will buy and use your products, goods or services. Then we look at what they would want to see from you and your brand. Eventually we also look now at what the search engines are looking for in a brand identity. From there we start to help you evolve your brand. The logo, catch lines or phrases, fonts, colors and simple key messages and statements that all ring true and do not cause confusion for your target market. It is not an over night process. But it can be done with reasonable speed.

Our fees are very reasonable and it is much different than layout and designing a printed project. They use your existing brand identity. images, fonts and colors. Here is where if you need it you can get help creating a personality and self aware identity for your brand. We can fully quote costs but is a fraction of what the big boys charge because we will coach you and help you not do it all for you.

Get a free consultation and get some pretty darn good advice also for free and learn what we might charge or even better how you can likely do it on your own.

Don’t expect this again to be overnight. The students in our graphic design school spend months understanding the basic concepts of branding. We can walk you through it in days or weeks not months.