Google Plus is a social network that currently has over 10 million users.  How will you use Google+? This article explains how people are currently using Google+, and how it will help your social presence.

Our favorite way to use Google + is the hangout tool. We love to get together via google hangout to discuss projects, have meetings without having to commute, and just hangout with co-workers.

The Google Plus Hangout is a video teleconference.  Google+ hangout will allow you to interact with more people in a virtual setting.  We can have a virtual meeting using google hangout with up to 8 other people + the meeting organizer. It allows you to be more productive and get more things done in your day. One thing we use hangout a lot for is to share our screen with another c0-worker. This is helpful when we are training new employees and working on different website projects. We can even hangout with a client and show them how to navigate their own website or add, edit or delete content on their website.

We love Google + as a social network too. We can stay connected with co-workers, friends, and family.

We encourage you to try Google + out and see what ways it can help make you more productive in your every day life.