Free Consultations

Free ConsultationMost FREE anythings are short on usefulness and quality. Not so with a TCS FREE Consultation. You wont even find pressure that tries to force you into spending money with us. We have learned years ago… That the most stable and fruitful approach to success is to help enough other people find success and they will thank you with their loyalty.  Even our attitude about FREE Graphics design and layout shows our commitment. We will help you design and create all of your marketing, promotional and advertising tools without you ever needing to buy one of them. Once your ready we will go into action and then produce it only after you say it is perfect. Have a change of heart? No harm, no foul your under no obligation to buy anything. Only once you purchase an item and pay are either of us locked in.

With the FREE consultations here is how they work. Tell us your needs, tell us your issues, tell us your goals or tell us you need help identifying these things and a member of actual ownership or ONLY those directly and personally groomed and trained by them will respond. We will talk with you and share ideas with you on what steps you might take. Some of which perhaps we can assist with while others we may have to recommend other resources or perhaps many of them might be things you can do on your own with our occasional coaching help. Why do we do that? you say. Why don’t we charge for it? you ask. Well we used to. Our going rate was $300 an hour and we were busy and it was what the majority of our 50 plus staff kept busy doing. However, as the economy worsened we opted to reduce down the consulting and provide light consulting free to a much larger audience. In the end our Printing and Website business boomed and our clients prospered. This is in many ways the essence of positive economic growth and it is also a bit of what has made the WWW such an exciting place.

So need a little help, advice or just want an unbiased ear… call our CA office line and ask for one of the Daugherty’s and we will make it a point to greet our new friends as fast as we can. 530-588-0348