Facebook is a very popular social network that allows people to connect with family, friends, and co-workers. Many people like to stay in touch after finishing school. It a way to stay connect with online communication. You can play games, join groups, connect with businesses and learn about their sales and specials.

Like most social networks people like to stay in touch and know what people are doing publicly on a daily basis. Users also like to stay connected to facebook via a smart phone app on their cell phones so they don’t miss connecting with their friends and family.

To be a part of facebook you must create an account via their website so others can find you and add you to their friends list(s). This is the way you connect and find people you may know or have known in high school or from a place or region you have moved away from. Some are even able to connect with family that they didn’t know what happened to because they either moved away, got married, or lost contact with. Facebook is a good resource to reconnect with these people.

Tell us what you have used Facebook for in your daily life. We would be interested in the many ways you use to connect with this online resource.