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So Fabulous and Communicative we call this preset bundle the Fantastic Fan Pages

The Fantastic Fan Pages  Facebook Fan Page preset bundled website has a one time investment value of $899. We never charge interest. This bundle qualifies for an initial investment of $299 with an ongoing monthly investment of $50(minimum 12 months). This bundle does require online storage and domain hosting of $75 per year(paid once each year).  Want something more custom? CLICK HERE

On sale now!  Only $200 down and $25 per month(min 12 months)

This package includes the following specifics:

A Facebook Fan Page is a page within Facebook that can be set up for a company, group, band, team, celebrity, etc. on Facebook. A Fan Page can post news, photos, video, and other content just like a Profile can. It can also receive “likes” from other users. Fan Pages may also contain many sub-pages that users can click on. Facebook Fan Pages can be used to communicate with your fan base, customers, clients, friends, family, neighbors and relatives. The type of information shared here is endless. For example: maybe you want to make your customer base aware that you are having a special this week at your business. Post it on Facebook and everyone that has pressed “Like” on your page will get to see your companies special when they view their own personal Facebook wall . This kind of exposure could be incredibly beneficial to you and your business. We can help you set one of the Facebook pages up today. Call us or purchase one now so you can start communicating more effectively with your customers today.
You can easily insert all of your own content like images, media, text, video, audio, etc. You are the best one to provide rich content about your business or organization. Rich, quality content is the most important way to drive traffic to your website and encourage visitors and search engines to visit and index your website.
We provide you and your staff with all of the tools you need to add your content in an easy, fun atmosphere and experience.You can also blend your site seamlessly with several forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter and others. This site is not designed to sell actual products on it. However, you can easily showcase items and include an order form. Every 6 months one of our executives will review your site with you and work with you to keep your site fresh, current and at the top of the search engines
  • 3 scheduled live 30 Minute Remote Desktop Support/Trainings are available within the first 10 days after you have been given access to your new website

  • On-going E-Mail support for the balance of the first 30 days

Website Features

  • Mobile Device Friendly

  • Customized to match your brands colors etc.
  • Includes a Custom Header (your logo, photos text)
  • 1 Page

Shopping Cart Features

  • Comes with a shopping Cart / E-Commerce solution

  • Comes with Product Auto Uploader 1 at a time which is able to upload  multiple products at once from a spreadsheet
  • Includes Robust Shopping Cart up to 100 products
  • Includes Several FREE gateways including PayPal
  • Includes shipping calculator for shippers (UPS, FEDEX,USPS etc.)

SEO & Tracking

  • Up to 2 Hours a Month of SEO coaching, management & training

Highly Interactive Website

  • Includes Contact page with interactive map and directions

  • FREE FaceBook Fan Page Creation and Integration


  • 60 Days Unlimited Live Support & Training

  • Personal Assigned Web Support Person
  • Live Interactive Style Trainings (5 per Year/30 Minutes Per Session)
  • 120 Days of Unlimited Phone/Remote Desktop Support & Training
  • 60 Mins a Month of On-Going Phone/Remote Desktop Support & Training
  • Unlimited On-Going e-mail support
  • Annual Web Executive Review and Conference of site with open phone conference
  • Customer Provided Content Insertion service

TCS will provide complete and thorough training to you and your staff so that you will be able to have total hands on control of all of your content to personalize your site as you see fit. We are proud to offer extensive advice, training, technical expertise, and provide the structure and design platform and code of the customized website to hold your exclusive and solely owned content. We can provide content creative services for an additional fee if the need arises.


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Available free of charge with this website package, and just by asking for it, we will provide you with one on one personalized coaching to maximize your bottom line through your website, other forms of guerrilla marketing and self-promotion. We will assist you with full confidentiality to establish a unique and customized marketing strategy. If you wish, this can extend into your brick and mortar operation as well. Contact our office and schedule a phone conference to determine your needs and the best solutions. If you take the time to review all of our products, services and pricing, you will see why our clients stay with us for years. We have over 30 years of experience coaching, managing and working with small business owners and really want to match you up with exactly what you need, both now and in the future. Call Sara at (530) 558-5160 to schedule a confidential conversation with our executive team.

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