Doing Business Together

Total Custom Solutions is 100% committed and dedicated to providing the best customer experience in the industry. It is our goal to provide small business owners and managers with a full service one stop solution to all of your marketing and promotion needs.
Our companies roots extend back two generations (60+ years) and have been on the forefront of Advertising, Computer Technology, Guerilla Marketing, and the Internet. We have assisted hundreds of owners avoid bankruptcy and many more expand and increase their business significantly with our consulting services. However we are best known for our durable and digital solutions to real everyday needs to grow and run your business.

We have 7 divisions and over 3 million tangible ready to ship products and the ability to custom manufacture inside and outside the USA with over 200 of our partner manufacturers. Simply stated we really do print virtually anything on really just about everything.
This can all be very exciting and also very overwhelming. For that reason, we specialized on extensive customer support and quote systems to assist you in finding and choosing the best products, goods and services for your business. We work intimately, closely and extensively with several industry partners and are glad to share with you any and all ideas, methods and products that we have used with others in your exact industry. This not only saves time it saves and makes you more profit while increasing cash flow.

We offer many ways to access out highly trained support staff at absolutely no cost, risk or obligation for you until you are ready to invest in a specific product or service.
1) We have live local teams in many cities and markets around the USA that might be able to actually come in and sit with you to assist your research and needs. It is a bit old school, however, we feel live interaction is best wherever practical and reasonable. We are very low key, based on friendships and relationships and not at all formally structured.
2) We also offer live telephone Customer service and research assistance 12 hour a day 5 a week from 8AM east coast time to 5 PM west coast time.
3) We provide access to multiple department leaders to assist your questions, research and actual needs in graphic arts, website design, social media and guerilla marketing so you can get the most out of your efforts and investments through scheduled appointments and email.
4) Lastly of course we offer on line chat support and email support through or websites.
Feel FREE to contact us so we can work together to best determine how we can build a lasting relationship that is mutually satisfying and serves ALL of your advertising and marketing needs.

Rest assured you will not be shuffled about. Whoever, works with you first is your forever private and personal resource person. You “get” guy or girl. Each person while independent contractors and sole proprietors have a full team at their side to help co-manage all of your needs. Not only is this sufficient it keeps things personal and intimate and not corporate and stuffy. We are proud of our team based concept with individual dedicated point person to service all accounts. While we compete daily with big box companies we will never become impersonal. We can’t wait to be friends and help you grow your business.