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These services are designed to be a convenient solution to clients who wish to do some sort of direct mailing piece.

All direct mail require either addresses, additional custom individualized labels or imprinting direct to the mailing piece as well as specialty sorting, bundling, and handling and hand delivery to the local post offices. EDDM stands for, Every Door Direct Marketing. It is a mailing program that delivers mail to every address in a particular postal carriers route (think your local mail man’s route). You choose the routes and we do the rest. This program saves considerable expense at every turn. It is our Highest recommended Direct Mail System by a land slide! It is kind of like getting everything for the cost of just the stamp!


… 46% direct mail recipients read/looked at their direct mail.
… 23% visited the sender’s store location
… 21% visited the sender’s website
… 12% called an 800# listed on the mailer
… 9% replied via email


USPS Link …

Acquiring New Customers with Mail

A company’s advertising and marketing plan needs to consider what they are trying to accomplish at a given time. With local radio station use becoming less and less effective, newspaper readership almost extinct, and Cable TV advertising getting so expensive and ineffective you have to take a real hard look into taking more control on how you communicate your message.

If you are trying to communicate with a known customer whom you have done business with then e-mail wins hands down. If you are selling and shipping USA wide and want to promote a unique product or service, social media wins hands down. If you are promoting a local event to a known list of individuals and that list is current then old fashioned direct mail via USPS wins hands down. If you are trying to find new prospects for your company close to your place of business then nothing out performs the Every Door Direct Mail system of selecting target geographical areas by your local mail carrier routes.

For major local sales events the facts are overwhelming in favor of a 3 prong campaign of email, social media with a direct mail or EDDM campaign at the center of it. 60% better results than Direct Mail alone! All time sales records are constantly broken with the right combination. Our experts can gladly answer your questions about this CALL our team… See bottom of this page OR Click here for live chat OR CLICK here to send us a message.

As of early 2015
Post card prices range from $.05 – $1.00 depending on quantity, size and quality. (quantity being the biggest factor)
First Class Postage ranges from $.34 – $.49 for less than 1 OZ.
EDDM rates are $.175 for up to 3.3 OZ (if sorted, bundled and marked correctly)
For specific or current other USPS options go to this link Domestic Mail Manual

Third party assistance with EDDM, or Bulk Mail options or labeling, individual printed addresses, mailing lists etc. or a combination thereof can range from $.05 – $1.00 per piece.

A typical example for a large post card printed both sides sent by direct mail with all costs factored in is about $.55-$1.00 depending on Quantity, size, lists etc. While a similar EDDM Mailing is $.35 – $.85. Net cost is about 15 to 20 cents less per unit. This makes EDDM mailings the preferred choice for prospecting new customers close to your place of business. CLICK here to see our top selling, best priced solutions OR CLICK here to get a custom quote.

1. RESPONSE RATES: When searching for “new” customers, a recent study by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) shows direct mail being 10 to 30 times more effective than email.
DMA: Direct mail response rates beat digital

Epsilon found that over 50% of consumers prefer direct mail over email, 67% feel direct mail is more personal than the Internet, while 70% preferred mail from unfamiliar companies.

3. TRUSTWORTHY: The Epsilon study also found that 25% of consumers found direct mail offers more trustworthy than email offers.

4. PROSPECTS: Accurate – quality email addresses are very difficult to acquire – mainly because most people do not opt-in for third party offers. For this reason, all email lists are missing the majority of the target. Typically a direct mail list offers 80% more real prospects. PLUS, emailing a list will get you black listed and blocked so none of your email will work correctly. NEVER spam.

5. COMPETITION: More than ever consumers are bombarded with digital offers that they don’t want. Email is now the cluttered option, while direct mail represents the uncluttered option. With direct mail your offer will not get lost in an avalanche of competitive offers.

6. AVOID TRENDS: It is important to do what works. So a good strategy is be a trend setter and not the guy who is late to the game. Email campaigns are being over used. Currently Direct mail seems more refreshing. These days a mail piece is special and unique.

7. LONGER SHELF LIFE: The shelf-life of an email offer is measured in seconds, while a direct mail piece can linger on a coffee table for days.

8. SELECTIVITY: With a direct mail list you can pinpoint your best prospects … cream of the crop prospects, while email often forces marketers to take the old-fashion shot-gun approach.

9. DELIVERY RATES. Due to the constant onslaught by spammers, the ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) are blocking unsolicited emails … the demise of email “prospecting.” Fantastic offer, fantastic creative, fantastic list … all this is irrelevant if the ISPs don’t deliver. With direct mail – your offer gets delivered!

10. OPEN RATES: With the great majority of email “prospecting” campaigns, 95+ percent of all emails are not even opened. Direct mail is a tangible item that typically captures a glance.

11. SAFETY: With the real threat of identity theft, viruses, and SPAM, people are becoming more and more hesitating in responding to on-line offers. Direct mail is safe … the user can visit the website without the risk of potentially dangerous links.

12. TAG TEAM DIRECT MAIL WITH EMAIL: Boost email OPEN and CLICK-THROUGH rates with direct mail. One week before the email blast, send the email recipient a postcard informing that a special “email” offer will soon arrive.

13. MORE CONTROL: Target your exact audience and know it gets delivered and they at least laid eyes on it. E-mail you never fully know for sure.

14. TELEMARKETING & DIRECT MAIL: No one likes telemarketing. However, a call either before or after a piece is sent can have huge impact on response rates. Plus, a call about something coming in the mail or a call making sure that they got something in the mail is rarely received with the negativity that cold calling receives.

15. ONLINE SALES: 60% of direct mail recipients visit websites. Direct mail recipients purchase 28% more and spend 28%. Plus, 163% increase in revenues for websites supported by direct mail.

16. VERIFICATION: With an email campaign there is no way to verify the accuracy / quality of the email list since in most cases the email supplier will not provide the email contact data to the marketer. With a direct mail list the marketer has a physical address … that you can cross reference with other databases for verifying demographics / quality.

17. CULTURAL INFLUENCES: Direct mail is an excellent way for reaching Hispanics or other non-English speaking individuals. Hispanics are six times more likely to hold onto their direct mail. Hispanics also spend more … spending $1,992 last year on clothing and accessories … which is about $900 more than non-Hispanic Americans.

18. CONSUMERS LIKE DIRECT MAIL: In focus groups consumers said the interactive part of direct mail helped them connect to the brand and left a lasting impression.

19. COUPON PERCEPTION: Consumers believe more valuable discounts/coupons come through the mail than email. For example, over 50% prefer receiving credit card offers via mailbox than Inbox.

SUMMARY: You NEED and MUST USE e-mail to stay in touch with your active customer base, Must use social media to keep your brand in front of your audience and you have to use direct mail for “prospecting”.

In conclusion,

All advertising and marketing methods are good and can be excellent depending on your desired intentions and how you use them. No one method is good for ALL options and desired results. This means you must use the exact tool for the job. Not unlike a mechanic, chef or carpenter. Email, for a while was considered the best solutions for everything. However, that was a very short lived notion and actually proved to not be true. However, every business needs to absolutely use properly done email campaigns, social media tools and various forms of mailings as their go to defaults if you want to grow your business.

WARNING: Especially with the risks of being black listed as spam and the more powerful tools that block emails or block specific type of prospecting methods. Email blasts are no longer an effective way for a local area business to prospect to people they do not actually know. So never buy lists of emails and think you can just do an email blast. It can have devastating results for all of your on-line communications. Many other tools work much better for that kind of new customer generation.