Customer Care

Over 40 years ago someone advised our founder to look up the definition of a sales person. Surprisingly, Websters at the time described it as “someone who provides or performs a service”. WOW! Was that a shock… We all hate sales people! Lets be a little honest! Right!… I guess they forgot to learn what their job was supposed to do!

Total Custom Solutions fights constantly to remove any and every hint of a typical sales person or sales approach to any and every aspect of our company. Period. We are hear to provide you with services better and cheaper than anyone else can. That is what we strive to do and what we have accomplished over all of these years is just short of Miraculous. We do everything we can to put ourselves in the shoes of everyday, good, honest, hard working Americans who want to run a good honest business. No one is perfect and neither are we. But, we constantly strive to get better every day! We own our mistakes and we help you if you make some too!

Sales and Marketing

Customer Care and Service

It all starts with our initial contact and the very first time we connect with you. It doesn’t matter if you find us online, through a mobile device, are referred to us or if you get a call or a pop in initial visit by a member of our team. It all is about Customer Care and Service. We start off getting your permission to share some information about us and showing you a few details on our top selling items. Most often it is the least intrusive and convenient for you to do so via email. A few weeks later we follow up and make sure you have had a chance to review it. If not for any reason we resend it right away. Once you have seen it then we offer to give you totally free no cost no obligations quotes for the various items that you might need over the next year. It doesnt matter if it the business checks that you write, or your business cards, invoice, order forms, Outdoor and indoor signs, banner, posters etc. of it is is office items or marketing materials like brochures, direct mail campaigns etc. We are there to simply get you our best price on those items and we will deliver it in a single link to a private page on our website the is exclusively for you to enjoy. Feel free to browse our over 3 million products, goods and services or just stay put on your very own custom shopping page.

No Obligation Design & Layout

Custom Layout & Design

When your ready we will use top graphic designers to custom layout and design your printed piece or promotional item. We will make changes until it is perfect then we will wait. Never any pressure or push to buy. If you never buy that is OK too. But, the odds are in our favor that you will at some point over the next several months. We will provide you with a link to see your complete net net net costs and you are free to invest or not invest as you see fit. Through this entire process you will have a personally assigned customer care person. Plus our systems and records are totally integrated so anyone could assist if your person is not available at a given moment. Management and even ownership is always available for you to call if you ever have any concern or questions. We do NOT want to sell you something, We don’t want to even earn part of your business. We want to be the most valuable asset or virtual staff person in your company and eventually earn the right to provide you with ALL of your business. Oh Yeah! and Cost… No worries… Our lowest price guarantee is better than Wal Mart’s! So find a lower price and we will not only match it. Will will modify your private shopping page to reflect it so it is there for you when you need it.

You Customer Care is our Total Custom Solutions. Our Name says it ALL!   3 million products, lowest price guarantees and old fashioned customer service and free top notch pros to help you make it all perfect.