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Small Biz Dezines and Total Custom Solutions evolved out of a long history(multi generational) of corporate trouble shooters, business start up consultants, and regional/national expansion experts. The original consultant and expert was Melvin C. Daugherty who had a near perfect 30+ year success run of bailing out 3 dozen large corporations with over a thousand employees. He only worked with large corporations who had already entered into a re-organization bankruptcy.  Every corporation that he touched became strong, vibrant, long term contributor to the US economy. The only company that ever failed was a company in Haiti that he tried to save but was bound up by Haitian government and US embargo policies. His son Michael W. grew up in his footsteps following his dad from the age of eight years old. Mike’s personal preferences centered on young start ups and small growing businesses helping them grow into strong larger corporations. Over the years the company grew to its peak in 2006 to three offices and 50 individuals on payroll helping manage and coach an average of 140 different businesses at a time.

In 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Daugherty decided to semi retire and are still heavily involved in active leadership of Total Custom Solutions. The company still provides consulting services to its active roster of customers on a case by case and as needed basis. Much of which can be obtained free of charge through our upcoming blog site.

Mr. & Mrs. D

Mr. & Mrs. D

For information OR if your company is in need of a little strategic advise contact our customer service department and ask if you can get a private phone consultation with one of the Daugherty’s.

530-588-0348 California office