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CD Replication  TCSCPN-8604699

CD ROM, the industry standard Screen Printed CD-ROM (650 MB). The price includes from 1 to 5 Screen print colors & Data Replication of customer supplied data. CDs are used for digital catalogs, manuals, PDF documents, PPT presentations, training
seminars and media distribution by numerous industries including
Education, Government, Pharmaceutical, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing and
Medical. A cost effective alternative to Flash Drives and CD-R. (CDR)

CD ROMs are different than CD-Rs. Each disc is custom manufactured from virgin plastic and Replication of data is
“stamped” into each disc via a Glass Master. This is the same
manufacturing process used by major record labels or software companies
to distribute their products.

1 to 5 colors (full color) pricing. Set us $40 per color. No additional print fee.

CD-ROM (double price for DVD-ROM’s)

CD Replication
500 / $1.59ea.
1000 / $.89 ea.
5000 / $.59 ea.


NOTICE: Upon receipt of your order we will contact you for any additional information that we may need to properly process your order. (ie: color, size, images needed etc.) You will be notified at that time of all of your options that are included in the price as well as those that may require an additional fee. Add-ons, additional fees and/or shipping will be invoiced just prior to shipping your order. You may cancel your order at any time prior to or during our first post order contact. Later cancellations may or may not be accepted depending on circumstances. 

COMPLETE PACKAGE – replicated disc, Jewel Case, full color
with tray and 4 panel insert assembled and shrink wrapped for resale ADD
$4/500, $3/1000, $2/5000  (6 panel insert ADD$.50, 8 panel ADD

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